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Matchbar has disappeared

Usually this should not be a problem for a slightly experienced user, but my match bar has disappeared and won't show up, even after switching the matchbar on and off and switching the windows layout.

What can I do?


It has been called a Search bar. 

Gnah, sorry. Wasn't this thing called Match bar at some point?


Edit > Quick Search (Command+Shift+F)

No, there are fragments and term matches.
Maybe I spread some confusion with the term "match bar". I meant this one:


(image taken from another thread in this forum)
And it has disappeared on Mac, on Linux it is still there.

The match bar only appears if there are any fragment/term matches in your resources. If you hid it before, try to restart the program although it should display without the restart.

It is the matchbar, not the matchboard (which is alive and kicking).


The Matchboard might have 'undocked' from its default location and might been placed into the tab.  

I did not make it float, and I only have on monitor.

I already tried to find a point where to pull the bar down (at the top of the window), but there is none.


What comes to mind:

You've made it floating and the Matchboard is positioned in the background or in a corner, possibly of a secondary monitor?

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