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Goto Next segment and query web resources

Here is a Keyboard Maestro macro to goto the next segment and query all active web resources.

Note that you have to redefine the keyboard shortcut to go to the next segment to Alt+Down, see the CafeTran Preferences.

Possible improvement: test for presence of any white space, number, tag or punctuation character and only perform the filtering part if any of them is present.

Querying several web resources at the same time

Nice idea, but perhaps it should also test the source segment and abort if more than 2 (or x) words...


Yes, I'll add it. But note that some dictionaries allow multiple words.
Yes, this is why I added "or x" – and it is essential in some source languages such as French. We Germans are a bit easier to handle in this regard... (Dampfschifffahrtskapitän... and so on)

Maybe 4 or 5 should be the maximum (or would it make sense to use full stops, exclamation/question marks as trigger?).

Reasoning from the perspective of the online dictionary (so actually quite the other way around as you are pointing out–to which I agree, of course): a setting/field in the web resource 'Number of words per query' could be useful.

Langenscheidt: one word at at time

IATA: multiple words are allowed

And then there's probably need for an extra field in this web resource definition to indicate how spaces are coded: %20 or + or ...

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