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Map CafeTran Notes to Trados Comments in SDLXLIFFs


I saw some older posts regarding this subject, please disregard if the suggestion has been already made in the past.

After working on a SDLXLIFF file in CafeTran, I did the round trip and tried to Finalize/Export the translated file in Trados 2015.

Some errors were returned. After checking, all were related to Notes I had left in CafeTran.

Removing the Notes in CT fixed the issue.

A solution could be to:

- Disable the possibility to save notes in SDLXLIFF files, displaying an error message (or at least a warning), just like when you try to export a bilingual file on a non-native XLIFF (CT does not let you). This would help avoid confusion and finalization errors when files translated in CT need to be exported back to original format (by Translator or Client/Agency).


- Map CT Notes to Trados Comments in SDLXLIFF files, so that they can be read in Trados. Not sure if it's feasible though.

The good thing is existing Trados Comments are already displayed as Notes in CT.


An example of a comment found in a SDLXLIFF file:

<cmt-defs><cmt-def id="b1ef118e-0c10-45f1-8793-64d54cc9ead0"><Comments><Comment severity="Low" user="USERNAME" date="2017-02-22T11:48:49.4444095+02:00" version="1.0">ENTER COMMENT HERE</Comment></Comments></cmt-def>

CT Note:

<note from="USERNAME">ENTER NOTE HERE</note>

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