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IDEA: Auto-query for web resources

How about this: Whenever you enter a new segment, the whole content is queried in your active web resources.

Makes sense?

Many times not, but that shouldn't disturb you.

Precious are the cases where the content of the new segment matches a query in your active web resources.

For example: You enter the segment that consists of one word:


That is: Donut, or in a more conservative spelling: Doughnut

The content of your segment is automatically queried in all active web resources (at the same time). One of them is the world famous Wikipedia:

Any leading or trailing white space or punctuation characters are truncated.


I started to create a macro to mimic auto-query for resources, since it must be an impressive sight and useful feature to have all segments automatically searched in any active resources. As far as I'm concerned ...

The idea was to copy the segment content to the clipboard and remove all superfluous/hindering characters (leading/trailing numbers/punctuation marks/white space).

Then I ran into a problem: When no selection in the target segment exists–even though clipboard contains text–CafeTran first makes a selection and then sends this to the resource (when the button Resource is clicked).

Tags are neatly removed/ignored, but numbers aren't:


So here's my request:

Could you please filter out any leading/trailing numbers/punctuation marks/white space from the string that's sent to resources via the Resource button? (This would leave the Find dialogue box available for searching e.g. chemical formules that start or end with numbers.)

An auto-query macro would then be as simple as:

Goto Next segment

Then Emulate:


BTW: The button is labeled plural (Resources), the keyboard shortcut/menu is labeled singular (Resource).

Here's the process demonstrated via the Find dialogue box:

Query resources via the Find dialogue box:

The content of any new segment is automatically copied to the clipboard via Edit - Copy source segments to Clipboard. When the Find dialogue box is opened, the clipboard content is pasted into the Find field and then leading/trailing white space/numbers/punctuation characters are deleted first.

In could solve it like this: cut the content of the target box to a named clipboard Old-state. Remove all extraneous characters from this clipboard while saving it as Trimmed-clipboard. Paste this into the target segment. Activate the web search. Select all target. Paste the content of Old-state. Disadvantage: a lot of screen flickering.
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