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xxxxQ's amazing new version

It's really amazing! Virtually no additional benefits for freelancers (IMHO).

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Yes, so far I am extremely underwhelmed with Adriatic.


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For me it's clear that it's all about selling the server version and making PMs happy. A legit approach, but as a translator I prefer software that focuses on my professional needs.

Yeah, I do understand them. After all, the Kilgray guys made so much money they could afford to stop working, in a way, which is of course pretty cool. Just a shame the tool lost sight of its users years ago.

I participated in the web meeting and indeed, there is one smaller benefit for freelancers: more options for the Track Changes. Many other features (stats, customer portal etc.) are for the server version only (I even asked for this). To be honest, this is not too much, and as they said that it won't be a simple upgrade you might suppose most freelancers need to buy a new version (or upgrade at a higher fee).

If I understand correctly, 2 of the 3 developers (or founding members) have left the company, and I think you can remark this. Today there are some important features lacking compared to CT and even to Studio.

Indeed, the track changes and reimport feature could be a bit cooler in CafeTran.

>Indeed, the track changes and reimport feature could be a bit cooler in CafeTran.



And I know for sure that a certain organisation would be overwhelmed with that feature to allow redaction of exported DOCX files and reimport all amendments from the redacted DOCX to the memory.

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