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Save button?

Hello :-)

Was there a "Save" icon once on the left, over the grid? Now I can see only "Finalize"... And is there a way to change the color of the buttons Project source, Project target, TM source, TM target etc.? Maybe it's just me, but I was more comfortable with the icons, because I would recognise them immediately, now I have to stop and read the button names, as the colors are very similar to each other and it's not as intuitive and fast as before to hit the correct button. What do you think?



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I'm responding to one single question here:

>Was there a "Save" icon once on the left, over the grid? Now I can see only "Finalize"... 

Yes there was. And there still is, depending on whether you're translating a native CafeTran project or a third-party project.

Given the fact that CafeTran auto-saves your project on different occasions (e.g. when quoting the app, depending on your setting in the Prefs etc.), it's a good design decision to replace the Save button with the Finalise button for third-party projects.

I see, Hans, but there's no button in either cases, third-party projects or native projects...


Hi Elisabetta,

In order to achieve the minimalist interface, the Save button was removed a few weeks ago as one of the buttons which is not used frequently or does not have to be used at all. CafeTran saves the project and resources periodically (as set in Preferences) or at exit. The user does not even need to bother about saving now. However, there is still Project > Save project menu along with its shortcut.

As for the colors (instead of the icons) for the Search buttons, when all the searchable resources are active, there is simply no room both for the text and the icon in the small screens. Perhaps, the option to display icons may be added in a future update. 

Thanks Igor, I understand. Perhaps, if we could change the color of the buttons... I would personally choose very different colors (light blue and orange for instance, in order to differentiate them better) :-)


I have just the opposite problem. I followed the instructions here: to translate an external (.txml) file.

I can see a "Save Project" button in the "Project" drop down menu, but no "Finalize" or "Finalise" can be found in my version (its 2018 now).

Has anything changed? Or am I looking in a wrong place? Thank you.


P.S. To add to my previous comment about .txml file, I translated just one segment in Cafetran and saved the project. When I opened the project in Wordfast, I can see my translated unit.


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