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REQ: Preferences window

 There are two aspects about the preferences window:

Why is the Reset button between the OK and the Cancel button? This is not really user-friendly. and not logical.

Couldn't it be at the bottom of the window and get a special exclamation mark?


The second thing - a pure design question . is that the preferences windows is quite wide. Look:


Considerung the widest submenu (keyboard shortcuts) about 30 % of the width are unused.Or does the window width depend on certain font settings?

Yep, such a RESET button is easily pressed. Hey Igor, can we get the feature to save our settings back, somewhere later this year?

Perhaps even including the ability to switch config files between different installations. The shortcuts could become a hassle, indeed, but my last installation in Linux makes me suddenly remember how many settings are customized (think positive:) can be customized. This also concerns the font size (font type is mostly different) – there must be done a lot a clicks to adjust them.

Between Macs you can probably transfer plist files. These could also be used as reference files for crossover installations, perhaps.

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