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Newbie questions about project with multiple documents

Warning: These are very very beginner questions from a new freelance translator who has never used CAT before....

I have a project with 7 documents totalling around 38,000words. When I started I couldn't work out how to group all the documents so I started the first document as a single doc project. 

Now I have worked out how to import all the docs as one project. Is there a way to drop in the translation of the document that I have already worked on?

If I have ticked to "glue" the documents, this looks like am translating one big documents of 38,000 words. So does that mean it will create one big glossary/dictionary and be consistant throughout the 7 docs?


Where can I find the instructions on how to create my own dictionary/glossary? When I looked at Trados, this was done by highlighting the source word/phrase and translated word/phrase and then adding to a dictionary that had been created. 

This project seems quite big and I am only using the demo version of CafeTran, should I buy the full version, and what difference will that make?

Thank you for any replies!

The easiest question first: Yes, I think that you'd better buy CafeTran. There's currently an interesting offer via Proz: a Plus Package that contains a license for CafeTran:

Regarding your other questions:

Instead of writing long stories here and probably miss some crucial settings/info, I can offer you a free consult via Skype: alinea-doc.

I'd be happy to help you on your way!

Thank you. I have bought the full package. I found some of the answers on the website but have a few more questions. I will skype you.

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