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Glossary matching still has an issue

The glossary matching still has an issue. Here's the scenario:

  1. A glossary contains a term pair.
  2. You add a new term pair: same source term, different target term as in 1.
  3. You delete the term pair from 1 by clicking on the blue source term and then on Delete.
  4. Now the new target term from 2. won't be displayed in the current segment or in any next. Until you reload the glossary.

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It is evident that reloading is the perfect solution, which means CT's auto-reloading as implemented now has some potential for improvement.


If you wish to overwrite the existing term, first delete the old term and then add a new one. If you do it the other way around, just reload it via the right-click at the glossary pane. The automatic reloading works for common glossary actions.

>The automatic reloading works for common glossary actions.

Okay, I'll stop performing abnormal actions.

I would rather call them rare. The point is that it would involve automatic glossary reloading on each delete, which takes processor's time and power. There are threads in the forum just to avoid the battery drainage.


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