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Word order issue

Word-order-based matching is poorer on the latest version. Is this a side effect of anything else, or is it just a matter of luck? Is it possible to make it much closer to being as exact as translators would normally expect it to be?





Any good news?

Anyway, until good improvements are made in this area, I will ignore all TM matches below 90% or just take time off from CafeTran.

Hi Masato,


I am going to look into this request and see if highlighting multiple order differences of phrases makes the whole fuzzy segment more readable than leaving them unmarked.

For example, if we have the original segment: 

Coffee is the best with donuts.


and the fuzzy match:


Donuts are the best with coffee. 

The current implementation highlights in green the word order difference for 'Donuts' and 'the' at the start of the whole phrase "the best with coffee".

In the above example, possibly the word 'coffee' could be highlighted too. The current solution is meant to tell the user where the change in a series of different word order starts avoiding the 'patchy' multicolored segment.

The topic is similar to highlighting terms/segments/non-translatables in the current source segment. After it was implemented, some users started requesting for the options to turn off the highlighting completely as they found the multicolored source segment distracting.

Please consider the attribute Strike-through were appropriate–since it's very intuitive.


I know that you stopped reading now ;).

I know that you stopped reading now ;).

Just missed your last post having a donut. :) 

Hi, Igor

I'm glad to know that my concern is not related to CafeTran's inability to identify word order differences accurately (which is not true), but to how the identified differences are presented to the user.

I personally don't think the highlighting of "identical parts" is necessary.

So, the simplest color scheme I can imagine with regard to your example is:

Source: Coffee is the best with donuts. (No colors)


TU: Donuts are the best with coffee.

Or to make the different words/characters more legible:

TU: Donuts are the best with coffee.


Here are examples from some other CAT tools. These are not suggestions from me. Just information.

Trados Studio 2017


memoQ 2015


memoQ 8 (latest version)


Wordfast Pro 3


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I forgot to mention this:

The above examples are given just to inform you about what types of presentation have been adopted/accepted by the developers/users of other systems.


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