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Proz Plus account and access to TM-Town

I have a standard Proz account and I'm considering to upgrade it to a Proz Plus account. Will this give me any access to a TM-Town plan?

Yes indeed, to the professional plan.

Any more benefits besides CT and TMT?

I still had no time to study their offer in detail, but they speak of a „bunch of goodies“.

No, none really. I've suggested to team up with a Dutch dictionary provider and Henry promised to look into that. I'm planning to suggest a magnificent OCR service, based in London, to scan your old paper dictionaries. As long as you do this for private use, it should be perfectly legal. Yep, too much time on my hans.

To further answer your Question, Torsten: TM-Town looks promising. It has nice features, like OCR and automatic creation of bilingual glossaries (though some refinements are needed). The ability to store all your TUs there and to recall them from within CafeTran is something that I'm really gonna test later this year and compare with CafeTran's built-in Total Recall (about which I have some questions that are unanswered yet, see the New User forum). A lot of testing to be done. I also see nice possibilities for remotely working teams, via TM-Town.

And then there is this opportunity to get new clients. Prospects can match a source text with the TUs you uploaded. The whole concept depends on a self-declaration of the uploader that all TUs were fully/partially translated by herself. Kevin writes that his checking mechanisms can detect TMs that were created by another provider, like the EU. Same goes perhaps for public TMs that were modified slightly and uploaded then as private TMs.

It would be good for the credibility of to read more about the checking mechanisms and perhaps even about anti fraud measures that have been taken since the uploading has started. There's no need of public naming and shaming (and I see big legal problems with that), but there can be no doubts about the checking mechanisms.

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