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R: Global design idea for TM matches, fragments, hits

I had this idea while responding to another request in this forum. It would require some grafical changes in the display of matches and at least 1 more menu to setup translation memories. The benefit would be a clear sense from where the matches/fragments/hits are comming from, from which TM, from which context.

I propose a singe 'Result' window for all the matches, fragments and hits, instead of separate tabs for all the TMs. And I would add colored icons around the match numbers to identify the results with the TMs. For example you will then have the following Hit result as usual and with the following hit 'numbers':

HITS: 7 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Here the numbers 1,2, will be surrounded by a GREEN icon, saying that the hits come from TM nr.1 whit lhe most relevant segments for your project; the numbers 3,4,5 would be surrounded by a YELLOW icon to identify hits comming from TM nr.2 with less relevant hits; the nmbers 6,7 would have an ORANGE icon saying the hits comming from TM nr.3 are even more irrelevant.
This would mean that there would have to be a memory menu where when loading TMs you give the order for the search, the most relevant TMs come first in the search, and their display 'number' will come first.

The benefit: In one blink of an eye, you can tell the origin of a hit or match which is essential if you are using more than one specialized translation memory.

Of course a nice screenshot would make this idea more clear, but for the moment I think everyone can understand it without (also because I cannot insert it!). Don't hesitate to feedback with questions or comments!


As an extension of my idea above, it would be even better if the priority of the colored icons are also linked to the attributes (definitions) that you define in the TM. An example of such a definition would be:

Domain: Litterature
Subject: Crime novel
Project: 16.50 from Paddington
Client: Mrs. Marple



Separate tabs for separate TMs are like slots. They let the user see clearly the matches and search results coming from a specific TM. If you wish to have all the TMs in one tab, just put your translation memories into a folder and then point to that folder instead of a .tmx file. Make sure that you choose "Memories folder" option.

However, the idea of grouping the results from all the TMs is a good one even when TM files are accessed separately. The Matchboard has been developed for that purpose. In its current state, the Matchboard displays the highest quality results leaving the contextual information for fragments and hits in memories' tabs.  In the future, the Matchboard might have an option to display all the hits (even with one occurrence) along with their contexts when mouse hovering over the hit number. Then, the user wouldn't need to 'jump' from the Matchboard to the TM tab to see the context of the fragment or hit.

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 The benefit would be a clear sense from where the matches/fragments/hits are coming from, from which TM, from which context.

The Matchboard in the latest update 1 presents more information about TM fragments including their context.

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