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Beach live

Doesn't Kolobrzeg have a beautiful beach too?


Talking about the beach, I just found this great command line today for SoX :

play -n synth brownnoise synth pinknoise mix synth 0 0 0 10 10 40 trapezium amod 0.1 30

It mixes brown noise with pink noise in a pattern that imitates the sound of the waves. Perfect to keep concentrated on your translation work! :-)

Nice! I don't have that, but perhaps you can save a loop as audio file? ;)

As an in-between:

One of my all time favourites. God, how I love this voice.

Ah, what a nice beach over there in Holland (just trumping a bit).

Seriously, concerning the waves, there is nothing better than this:

Very relaxing.

In holland, little frog land at the sea, we have special employees to regulate the waves at the beach: starting at 6 minutes.

Nice. Great, I finally understand what frikandels are made of. Unfortunately we do not have any frogs here, only some toads (so to be sure, beware when you will be offered a frikandel in Bavaria).

Disclaimer: I love frikandels, especially the (unhealthy) frikandel special, but I live too far from your promised land.

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