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DISCUSS: Locked segments in Studio projects

Perhaps we can discuss the modified handling of locked segments in Studio projects.

Is everybody happy with the current implementation?

Personally, especially for working in garbage projects, I'd like the be able to F/R in locked segments too, so that there would be needed a switch 'Deactivate locking', or so.

I now have to deal with projects that are partially pre-translated by the client and that contain lots of typos etc. -- of course in locked segments.

How to deal with them?

In the past, I could just replace them. Open the project in Studio, remove all target segments (incl. the locked once) and deliver the client a project that contained corrected locked segments--without them paying for them ;).

This is no longer possible.

Again, I can see the big advantages of CafeTran not handling locked segments. And I don't put my head under the table so I have seen the requests for it. But as our great soccer player JC (not the one with the beard, from Nazareth) always said:

Every advantage,

comes with disadvantages.


the possibility to lock segments in CT would be great, a good solution for the auto propagation problem, for example. It would also be great if we could hide/filter out the locked segments (locked by PMs) in Studio projects. When revising the file I would be glad to be able to hide all segments I don't need to look at, sometimes pages and pages of locked segments and you have to find the segments you have translated in the middle of those. Is there a solution or a workaround?


I'm just translating a Studio project in CT, and the lock doesn't seem to work - grey segments (which I assume means thes are locked?) are treated just like any other segment.
(Action -> Skip -> Locked segmetns is ticked).

This is verry inconvenient when you're pounding through a file at top speed and belatedly realise that you've edited locked segments (which I'm a) not paid for and b) isn't what the customer wants).
I don't understand why this is possible. Surely that's the point of locked segments?


Perhaps they are not set locked, but just pre-translated with 100% exact matches by you client? Try Skip > Checked segments to see if they are omitted.

Ah, ok, that may well be it. So is there a marker for locked segments in CT?


Yes, there is a red "L" displayed in the segments grid.

Ah, OK, thanks, my mistake, I assumed the grey colour indicated locked segments.


Nobody else here in need for a feature to unlock segments in Studio projects?

Maybe you should post it more prominently in the Requests section.

...Nobody else here in need for a feature to unlock segments in Studio projects?

Add me to the list.

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You see, Mario?

I haven’t tested this yet, but I was wondering if it perhaps is better to replace locked=“true” with locked=“false” or locked=“”, in order to be able to restore the locked attribute, once you’ve finished the project in CafeTran.
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