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HTML tags disappearing

Following scenario:

  • a file (e.g. Excel) contains some HTMl tags
  • a segment starts with such a tag
  • copy source to target
  • I mark the source text (here: „Votre“) and begin to type
  • the leading tag disappears


Sure, I can mark the tag in the grid and re-copy the tag into the target segment. And look what the MT engine does.

I know the phenomenon where typing directly after a red CafeTran tag doesn't seem te have effect. However, in my case, the text appears after moving the cursor around. Small glitch, but it makes the user wonder. So, in your case, the whole tag disappears?

On a side note: this would be a nice case for the regular expressions tagger, which would allow to move the tags outside the segment.

As a work-around: in case all your segments start with <strong> and end with </strong>, you can replace strong with text and use the Tagged XLSX filter.

Indeed the whole tag disappears, but it does not disappear if I click around into the source segment or elsewhere after copying source to target and before editing the target segment.

There were only two dozens of these cases, and they are all tested through now... so no need for the Regex tagger.

>so no need for the Regex tagger.

Aaaah, that's a pity ;)

I mark the source text (here: „Votre“) and begin to type

Perhaps, you extend the selection from the tag to the next word ("Votre") and then when you start to type, the tag is replaced too. That's why clicking in the source segment may deselect the tag.

Nope. Only „Votre“ was being marked.

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