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Q: Omitting leading spaces in SDLXLIFF is OK?

In this example with leading spaces, I intentionally omitted them to check how the segment appears in Trados.


The result is: Seemingly no problem, so long as the leading tags are in place.


Trados' editor does not show these spaces in the first place (I don't know why). And the target segment looks perfectly okay.

So my question is:

  1. Is such an omission safe so long as Trados accepts it?
  2. If so (or if not so, because they cannot be omitted in any case), is it possible for CT to hide them in the first place? (They are no more than noise!)

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I hope that the segmenting of these files can be adjusted to your needs. I think that this is where ct can outperform. I also think that the trailing part can be skipped: only present the translatable text.
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