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Matchboard and 100% matches from TMs


I wonder why the Matchboard doesn't show the TM name for 100% matches that come from a TM. It says only "100%  Exact".

(For glossaries, the Matchboard shows "100%  Exact" AND the glossary name.)
This is very important, since I get a lot of 100% matches that come from an old TM that is set as Low Priority, so I need to know when a 100% match comes from that TM.

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Hi Alain,
I think the details about the matches are displayed in the appropriate TM tab window. there is a number next to the fuzzy result, for example

100% EXACT MATCH: | 1

If you hower your mouse over the '1' (no need to click it)  you get the exact context + the attributes in your TM.



Hi Mike,
I know that I have the information in the TM tab, but the main purpose of the Matchboard, if I understand, is to get all the TMs and glossaries results in a single window, instead of joining multiple tabs. Great idea, but since this window doesn't show the TM's name with 100% matches, it is useless (in my case). So for the moment I have to join all my tabs, exactly as I did before the Matchboard was "invented" by Igor.
The matchboard is there for a 'quick look' I think. It's useful if you have a long list of hits and fragments in your TM window, so instead of losing much time consulting the list, you hit F2 and see directly the hits that CT has translated. You can then press the number on the right to quick-insert.
The matchboard is not useful if you are in doubt about a hit: then you have to go to the TM tab and see the context.
What I would do if the TM definitions (attributes) are important for me is to filter the TM and export segments with specific attributes and load them separately. In the Matchboard the TM name will still appear in green.



Mike, thank you, but I'm just asking for a small improvment that would make a HUGE difference.
For TMs (but not for glossaries), the Matchboard already shows the information when it's a fuzzy match, but it doesn't with perfect matches. Why? I cannot see any good reason.
But which 'information' do you mean? If you get a 100% then you can set CT to insert all in your target, and if you don't like you hit the Undo.



In connection with this, I previously requested that all exact TM matches be shown by pressing F1 or on Matchboard. As you may know, currently "only one" such match is displayed, except on the relevant TM tab.

It is more preferable (and stands to reason) that CT display all exact TM matches together with the names of their sources, just as it does for matches from glossaries. I see no meaningful reasons in not so doing.
In my Yeddi version, I have the Matchboard on by default so it will always show results first in this tab, I don't need to hit F2.
To Masato: F1 is auto-assembling, not matchboard.
Also, the Matchboard window shows me all 100% matches with the context in addition to the fragments, so where is the information problem?
If instead you are in the TM window, then if you get a 100%,. CT will not show fragments too. But if you are looking for fragments you can always chose them and 'Translate selected fragments' with the 2 green arrows.
Maybe you still have an older version where this is not supported?



I second both Alain's and Masato's requests as information on the TM source can be crucial, along with the availability of several exact matches where applicable. 

As a much more global request, I would propose a singe 'Result' window for all the matches, fragments and hits, instead of separate tabs for all the TMs. And I would add colored icons around the match numbers to identify the results with the TMs. For example you would than have:

HITS: 7 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Here the numbers 1,2, may be surrounded by a GREEN icon, saying that the hits come from TM nr.1 whit lhe most relevant segments for your project; the numbers 3,4,5 would be surrounded by a YELLOW icon to identify hits comming from TM nr.2 with less relevant hits; the nmbers 6,7 would have an ORANGE icon saying the hits comming from TM nr.3 are even more irrelevant.
This would mean that there would have to be a memory menu where when loading TMs you give the order for the search, the most relevant TMs come first in the search, and their display 'number' will come first.
So far for the TM tabs that would result in a SINGLE tab for all TMs.
Now for the Matchboard, it would still be the same, but to accomodate Alain maybe a column could be added to show the TM attribute names of the matches. More than that cannot be displayed, what more  information do you want? I still dont' get what you guys are looking for.




> I still don't get what you guys are looking for.

They point out certain inconsistency in displaying full exact matches in the Matchboard. The Matchboard does not show the source of the match, that is, the name of the TM the exact match is coming from, as it does for other types of matches. Also, if there are other (alternative) exact matches, CafeTran picks only one for the Matchboard - the most accurate one such as a context exact match. The display of exact matches in the Matchboard will be improved in the coming update.


 @Mike: I still dont' get what you guys are looking for.

Mike, it's a very simple request. The Matchboard indicates the name of the TM for fuzzzy matches (lets say, BigMama, 95%). But when it's a perfect match, it shows only "100% Exact". I need to know where this 100% match come from, since I have to be more careful with some low priority TMs.

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Thank you Igor :-)


Ok, now I got what you mean :)
I think this can easily be changed and replaced by:

100% Exact > 100% TM_Name
101% Context > 101% TM_Name
102% Context > 102% TM_Name

And maybe an option in the preferences as for how many exact matches will be shown at maximum in the Matchboard.



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