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CafeTran on Chromebook anybody?

Just as a question (Hans asked it a time ago on 

As far as I understand, there is no Java and so no CafeTran on a standard Chromebook, but you might hack it and install a Ubuntu derivate (Chrubuntu). Most Chromebooks only have 2 or 4 GB RAM, not more.

Is this a viable, stable option, considering that 4 GB RAM is a kind of minimum for medium/bigger projects?

For now:

Set up Linux (Beta) on your Chromebook

You first need to find the code-name for your device from here:


Then, see if it mentioned in the Supported now section of this (this is the Project Crostini web page):

Please note CafeTran isn't yet supported in Wayland, only X.

My guess is that you can run CafeTran Espresso on supported Chromebooks. A Chromebook user will need to confirm that.

For the near future:

If I understand correctly, Chromebook users will soon be able to run Linux alongside Chrome OS, which will definitely make it easier to use Linux apps, CafeTran included.

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Google announced that new Chromebooks will support Linux apps via Crostine. Perhaps this will allow CTE on Chromebooks too? @Jean: Do you know more?

Uh, difficult question.

This might also depend on the hardware and software settings (would be nice to have a config file that can be for sure exchanged between Mac and Win).

But indeed, the Windows installation appears more reactive, IMHO. Maybe the Java settings? Windows with 2 GB RAM for CT against Mac with 4 GB for CT (but okay, as the Windows app is the secondary install, in most cases with smaller docs/extracts/files). 

>I must admit that CT works better on Windows than on Mac

Care to elaborate on that?

Thanks for the link. No, finally, this was just a thought. I will stick to MacOS, and I just switched my suffering old Windows notebook to Ubuntu (in the end, I must admit that CT works better on Windows than on Mac, but this notebook was a pain in the ass with Windows 10). 

So, did you pursue this any further or did you opt for an alternative OS/hardware?

The most attractive point about a Chromebook would be to have a third, quite lightweight and indeed cheap machine for simple tasks (but simple tasks for me involves to do smaller translation jobs on the go, if necessary, and indeed I prefer MS Office under CrossOver to MS Office Online).

Perhaps Collaborative Translation Networks, LLC can sponsor you, for testing a slim, though budget Linux machine with CafeTran. Must be in their interest to come with an all-in-one solution: best CAT tool on best OS. :)

If you need a test, I'm happy to download the PDF for you. I have an 'abo'.


I agree. I think that you'd better go for a certified Linux compatible laptop. First quick search:

Thanks, very interesting. 

As far as I see, the 8 GB should cost around 800 €, IMHO this is too much for a device I need to hack (without knowing whether this hack works or Chrubuntu has an acceptable speed) to make it work for me (compared to a MBP or a MBA). And the disk space of 32 GB does not sound compelling. 

Hum, wrong section, I see.

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