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Confirmed vs. Released in Trados Studio

 Today, I noticed the segments of Trados Studio files checked or finalized by CT have the "released" status in Studio, not "translated."

My studio version is 2017.

If this is due to some spec change on the Studio side, it's OK. It is not a fatal bug.

"released" -> "signed off"


I did finalization today, and it's okay. I may have done something unusual. Please forget about this post.

Here is a more accurate report on this issue.

Segments "checked" by CT are recognized as "signed off" (not "translated") by Studio unless the project is finalized by CT.

This presents a problem when I'm requested to deliver part of the project first, and deliver the rest at a later date. In this case, finalization is not appropriate because all segments, including untranslated ones, are set as "translated."


A straightforward solution might be to ensure that CT's "checked" status is Studio's "translated" status, whether or not the project is finalized.

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