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Ghost tab

I have a 'ghost tab' in my glossaries/memory pane.

The tabs displayed are a 'ghost glossary', CustName, the actual glossary CustName and a memory (also called Custname).

The 'ghost' glossary tab does not show glossary matches and if I try to close it, it closes the tab to the right of it. (Meaning that I can't get rid of it.) It is also preserved if I close and reopen the project/CafeTran.

I had this a couple of days ago, but it disappeared when I installed the new version. Now it's back.

You may have created a glossary with the same name for another project. You also might have created a project on another computer which points to another glossary with the same name on that machine. Anyway, try closing the tabs with this name, save the project and restart CafeTran. Then, make sure that in the Dashboard > Glossaries panel, there is only one glossary with this name. 

Hi Igor,
thanks for your response, but that's not the issue - this is a GUI bug. Please reread my original post.


So I understand you have three tabs with the same name: a real glossary, a real memory and that ghost tab. I cannot reproduce it yet but generally, try to give a unique name to each of your resources to avoid an unexpected behaviour.

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