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Project keeps deleted comments

I did the following:

  • Translate a mqxliff
  • Add comments in CT
  • Open file in memoQ, delete comments, save mqxliff again (while CT is closed)
  • Reopen mqxliff in CT to update TM

But now the comment I deleted show up again. I cannot delete them. 

In the end, I only wanted to update the TM, but this behavior is irritating. Is there a kind of cache?

Anyone can reproduce this?

There is no cache. CafeTran creates notes according to xliff specification and you can delete such notes in CafeTran. I don't know if memoq handles such notes at all.

To the best of my knowledge, memoQ just imports the xliff file (exported for other CAT tools) and incorporates the changes into its own project file, without changing the xliff file itself.

So, you probably need to re-export the xliff file after making a change on the memoQ side.


Oh no, with „Saving" above was meant „Exporting“, of course.

By the way, CT and memoQ comments match rather good. The only thing is that you cannot delete any memoQ comments in CT (nor CT comments in an re-exported mqxliff file).

CT is a very good solution for mqxliff files if the client has put some basic or important information into the comments (e.g. length restrictions) – the comments are always visible.

I repeated your steps in my environment, and the same thing happened, even after deleting the old xliff and exporting a new one. Mysterious ...


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