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REQ: See an URL as a segment


Sometimes I need to change the URL of a link in a docx file so that it points to the target language version of the webpage. Right now, I have to go through all the links in the exported target file to change them.

Would it be possible to "show" those links as segments in CT so that they can be changed directly before exporting?


>Would it be possible to "show" those links as segments in CT

Please make this an option, since it would mess up segmenting:

PleaseĀ visit

<a href="">CafeTran</a>

to download the software.

Three segments for one sentence, that's not very handy.

It would not break the sentence in three. What is underlined (the link name) is not the same as the actual underlying link. The sentence would stay whole, but an extra line in the CT table would show the actual link. Right under the full segment, for example. So if target says "Click here to blabla..." the segment table would show:

Click here to blabla... (with the necessary tags and in one sentence) (extra line just under it than can be changed)

I would also love to see this feature. I don't think it's necessary to ruin segmentation as a result: in another widely used CAT tool, displaying URLs for translation is an option, and if you choose it, all the URLs to be translated simply appear separately as the first segments of the project. Then the segments actually containing the URLs appear normally in their usual place in the project with tags surrounding the text containing the URL.

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