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New term button in New term dialogue box

This New term button in the  New term dialogue box is really great. And unique.


Facilitates the addition of related term pairs tremendously:


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I would like to propose adding the "New term" button to the windows that opens when clicking on an existing term in glossary panes too. This feature would be helpful when adding, for instance, plurals to an existing singular form term.

It's already there. Click at an existing term in the glossary pane and change its form (to plural) in the Term Editor. Then, click the Clone button.

Would it be possible to have such a "clone" button in the "New Term" window (alt + G), too?

If I add a new term that way, such as a multi word term like "quota prédéterminé", and I want to add a new term with the plural of it, "quotas prédéterminés", clicking on the "New Term" button deletes the term in the language fields. I then need to type the whole thing again to add the plural term, instead of just typing two "s". Such a "clone term" button would really accelerate this.

If you hold CTRL key while clicking at the New term button, the entry will not be deleted.

Great, thanks! 

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