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How to get statistics?

I'm translating a 16K words SDLXLIFF project.

Automatically preliminary matching started, but I needed to create the project statistics first in order to get the data required for my invoice.

So I started Translate > Insert all EMs, like I always do.

Now I have two progress indicators:


How can I currently get a quick statistics of the number of EMs?

Hi Hans,

I would recommend increasing the segments threshold for the automatic switch to the preliminary matching in Preferences > Memory tab to let you continue with your workflow.

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Hi Igor,

I have now set this limit to 1000000 and still the Preliminary matching starts. How can I prevent this?

An empty field isn't accepted (cannot close the dialogue box).

TM contains 26207 TUs.


1. Right-click at the TM pane and choose Options.

2. Change the workflow integration from Preliminary matching to Automatic.

3. Choose Memory > Save memory from the menu. 

Ah, I see, thank you. I didn't notice that PM is the new default way of TM matching. Must pay attention to that.

And I must remind myself again of this.

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