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Character as a placeholder for linebreaks

When you have to translate texts where a certain character is being used as a placeholder for linebreaks, you can try to define this 'special' character as a space. In my case it was the § character.

Initial situation with no term recognition because of the § character glueing words together:


Determine the Unicode value via the Edit menu:


Set this value via the Preferences:


Restart CafeTran and check:


The § character is treated as a space. Would be nice if CafeTran would automatically put it back. Now you'll have to do this manually.

Later on, you can check whether you've put back all  § characters, by means of a QA for terms (define a glossary entry that contains an entry  § TAB  § ). At least I hope that this last step works too.

Best remove additions to the said Preference, once you've finished your project.

Also very handy in this context: 

  • a macro that replaces all spaces in a segment with a user-defined string (in this case the § character)
  • define the § character as a non-translatable, that you can insert via F4 (select space first, when necessary, to avoid wrapping of the § character with superfluous spaces)


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