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No memory in my cafetran


There are a lot of things I don't understand in Cafetran... I don't understand why MyMemory is set up as automatic but it never works (I always have to select the segment I want to translate then submit it to Memory to get a translation). 

But now I'm used to it, because obviously I cannot fix it.

There is something else I don't understand, maybe someone could help me. All the segments I translated with Caftan since the beginning (a few months) it seems like nothing was saved, I mean, some words are the same from a project to another but I have to manually translate everything each time. I have like no memory of anything. I really don't understand....

I have a MacBook air 2016 and Cafetran for Mac, trial version. 

NB:Sorry for my English

Joachim: And, if we can call it outperforming, it would be the Big Mama outperforming the database extract

Exactly. Always.


Joachim: ...that's why I raised the value "Recall in context" to 1000

Did you ever try to count the number of words in a source file? You can use Antconc (free) for that, "deduct" the stopwords, and see what happens...


Moi: Did you ever try to count the number of words in a source file?

I just did, with a 22.4k words file, a book(let) on Iraq. Technical text will probable show a higher frequency, but still, 1,000? The text is in Dutch, a text in Japanese would be a different matter.

Irak: 279

senate: 20

Washington: 107

building: 100

gov(ernment): 100

office: 100


Moi: blabla

Okay, the above is misleading, I should have taken a Big Mama/database table. And I'm not going to, because it will take pretty long. But still...


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