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Matchboard on iPad as secondary screen

When you connect your iPad to your MacBook Pro, via Duet Display, you can place the space consuming Matchboard on your iPad as on a secondary screen:


Note that Duet now also simulates a Touchbar (like in the newest MacBook Pros).

BTW: I didn't test whether finger-clicking on a MB entry will insert the selected item into the Target text editor.

Instead of a Mac, you can also use a laptop.
I tried Duet a few months ago with my laptop and iPad, but could never get it to work right. Might just have been my setup though.
Yeah, I can imagine that the support for non Apple devices is less :P

Old topic, I know...

but I'm presently using Duet Display with CT for PowerPoint files, which I like to display on a big screen when they contain lots of small characters).

CT fits perfectly on the iPad screen (9.7", 2018 iPad), so I can translate comfortably while displaying the PowerPoint file on the main monitor.

It took some time to get Duet working properly (the display was awful with Duet's default settings), but now it does, without any time lag.

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