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Cafetran memory to Trados


how can I export/migrate my Cafetran tmx memory to SDL. i.e. I want my colleague to be able to us my Cafetran memory in his SDL Software. Could you send me an answer soon, please?

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards


  • Choose Memory > Save memory as
  • Navigate to the Desktop
  • Click the Save Button

Thank you very much! I'll ask a different question in another thread to avoid confusion.


I have the same issue. When I click "Save memory as", a window appears with the message "Read-only memory". Any ideas?


Christian: When I click "Save memory as", a window appears with the message "Read-only memory"

I'm not sure which memory you're referring to, and for what purpose, but you can always save your project as a TMX memory: Project | Export and exchange | To TMX memory...


As far as I know, there's only one TM that's set to Read-Only by default: The Total Recall TM. You'll have to set it to R/W outside CafeTran. But that would make your question rather a different one from the OP, who wanted to share her TM with a Trados user.


 > "Read-only memory". Any ideas?

If this is a regular TMX memory opened in CafeTran, right-click at its pane (window) and uncheck "Read only memory" option. After restart, you should be able to save it.

I think the original answer is wrong/confusing.
The original answer seems to imply that CT exports to SDLTM format, which, as far as I'm aware it doesn't.

You can use your TMX directly in SDL without doing anything in CafeTran – you don't need to export it form CafeTran. You simply import the TMX directly into SDL


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