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External Resources are blank (harbinger)

Hello everyone, 

Pretty new to CafeTran so I hope it's not a redundant question despite my searches.

I have projects in which there are two Linguee tabs : Linguee and Linguee French-English, along with Google Translate. Both tabs are completely blank and do not seem to connect to anything or have any use at all.

I am not yet familiar with every shortcuts or menus, but didn't find a doc explaining how to turn them on. Hence my question, am I doing anything wrong with CafeTran or is it a (known) bug ? 

I am using the 2017 Harbinger build on a windows 8.1 computer, latest java build.

Thank you!

You can skype me at alinea-doc and I can have a look at your CafeTran, if you want.

My CafeTran licence is installed on my company's office and do not have the clearances to install Skype on this computer. 

Could the fact that my computer is connected to internet via my company's network explain the issue ?

What I will do is install the trial version at home and see whether web services work or not and come report here. 

Hi Gauthier,

Try to search in this resource:

1. Select a phrase in the source segment or type it in the Search bar.

2. Press Enter or Click the green "Resources" button above the Search bar. 

Did some testing and found the issue, it simply was my company's network not letting me connect to the web services. Some proxy involved maybe ?

Anyway, I bypassed it by connecting to another provider which doesn't block my connections.

If I find a real solution I'll come and explain.

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