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Don't mess with the ß (a very German problem)

When marking one or several words with an „ß", CT now converts „ß“ to „ss“ (well, at least I did not note this before). Great, very nice. But then the selection is reduced by one character.




This is not only annoying when trying to surround this string afterwards, but also when I keep toggling, the E is excluded from any further changes.

And not to forget, Merry Christmas.

Torsten, if you convert a word containing the "ß" to all caps (upper case) the "ß" must be converted to "ss".

That's not the point. It is the buggy selection.

As of 2017-01-03 this has been fixed.


Nice animation, thanks (and thanks for fixing this). 

But „wußten“ is actually being written "wussten" anyway ;-) 

Nach der neuen Rechtschreibung in der Tat. Manchmal findet man 'wußten' jedoch noch in Altlasten ;).

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