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CafeTran and Dragon

Technically speaking, it works on the Mac–but my pronunciation of English is not good enough, obviously.

A pity that Dragon isn't available in Dutch on the Mac.

Just trained it a little more, let's see if that makes a difference.

On macOS Sierra, I have TextEdit set without showing the "Save anyway" dialog after each segment. I don't remember exactly how it was set. Perhaps, choose Save as... once and the program will not ask you again.

As a genuine Apple app, TextEdit will save without saving. That is, if you don't click Save, the file will be saved as Untitled. In case of a power failure, everything you entered will still be there, including the very last character you entered. Excellent behaviour, but maybe not very suitable in this situation. BBEdit, TextWrangler, or the fabulous Tex-Edit Plus are probably better choices. The latter is cross-platform, but the Windows and Universal versions lack all the scripts for the Mac, of course.


Command + S is necessary to transfer the text to CafeTran. When you want to proceed to the next segment, the transferred text is still present in the editor. You'll have to select it first, delete it or start "overtyping". Can't CafeTran delete this already transferred text from the external editor?

You may not have selected TextEdit from Edit > Preferences > General tab > External editors list.

IK: You may not have selected TextEdit from Edit > Preferences > General tab > External editors list.

It doesn't seem to be there:


Apart from the "saving behaviour," it's quite possible that the default setting for file format, RTF, for TextEdit can cause problems (I won't use this feature anyway).


It is there. I posted the message about this new addition in the news - not in the main announcement but later in the comment.


IK: It is there.

I'm not sure, but it may be a good idea to leave TextEditor out of it. It's not a real text editor (RTF by default), there may be saving problems, and by default, TextEditor saves to iCloud. Every single character.


Dragon provides full functionality with the system editors (TextEdit on Mac and WordFast on Windows) so that's the main reason for their inclusion. I think even Apple's own dictation works in TextEdit with no limits. 

Fascinating this Dragon, difficult to tame, but fascinating.


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