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Filtering on untranslated segments


I'm working on a project consisting of three documents. I haven't "glued all files virtually", so normally, only the segments of the document I'm currently working on are shown in the Grid.

After translating the first document, I chose "Filter -- Untranslated segments" to check if really all segments had been translated. Now, apart from one untranslated segment in the current document, the Grid also showed the segments of the two other documents (glued together).

Is this behaviour of CT intended? Wouldn't it make more sense to show only the segments of the current document when you apply a filter (unless you've chosen "Glue all files virtually", of course)?

TIA for your help!


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PS. When I switch back to "Filter -- All segments"; everything's "back to normal"; i.e. only the segments of the current document are shown in the Grid.


Martin: ...everything's "back to normal"

Exactly my problem: I always end up with the desired result, but if it's a slightly more complicated case than usual, not in one go. Which is why I asked for a comprehensive KB entry on Search, S/R, and filtering.


This bugs me too. I wish the empty segments from the other (not glued) files would not come up.

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Similar problems with another action: I just applied "Insert all exact matches" to one of my (unglued) files, however the matches were also added to the "closed" files.  I wish the actions applied to a single unglued file would not be applied to the other files of the project.

This behaviour seems to go against the purpose of the glue/unglue function.

> Similar problems with another action...

It's rather the effect of automatic propagation. You might lock the segments in the "closed" files to prevent it.

...You might lock the segments in the "closed" files to prevent it.

Ok, thanks. I'll try that.

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