CafeTran Espresso 2017 Harbinger - Release Candidate 1



CafeTran Espresso 2017 Harbinger aka Release Candidate is available for download. The update can be performed via the Drag & Drop procedure as follows:

1. Run CafeTran.

2. Download file from here (do not unzip or rename the file after downloading) and place it on your desktop.

Note: On Mac OSX, the Safari web browser may unzip the file automatically after downloading. To prevent this, just use the right-click menu and choose the "Download Linked File" command.


3. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the Project Dashboard and restart the program.

Alternatively, you can install the update via the Update button in the Help > About panel instead of dragging and dropping.

What's new:

  • A glossary can contain non-translatable fragments only - see the option when you add a new glossary.
  • Auto-completion fragments from TMs and glosssaries are sorted by their quality now.
  • Unchecking the alphabetic sorting in the Matchboard lets CafeTran sort them in the mixed mode - first by quality followed by (multiple) matches for the same source. 
  • Trimming double-spaces when transferring matches to the target segment (e.g in the Machine Translation results). 

As 2017 is around the corner, we are near the release of CafeTran Espresso 2017 version being the summary of all the improvements and fixes done this year. The update is the first release candidate. If you notice any issues, please submit a support ticket and report. Thank you!

Enjoy your week,


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> Trimming double-spaces when transferring matches to the target segment (e.g in the Machine Translation results).
Cool, thanks!!


>A glossary can contain non-translatable fragments only - see the option when you add a new glossary.


BTW: About screen still displays Ichiro:


BTW: About screen still displays Ichiro:

It will change with the official release.

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Is there any hope at all that macOS Sierra users see an end to the spinning wheel that freezes both Cafetran & Chrome for over a minute when the file selection window is opened or used?

I have had this problem for a while now and this version still haven't fixed the issue.


I am on macOS Sierra with Google Chrome browser running. When I launch CafeTran and choose a document from the Dashboard, the file selection panel pops up instantly with no spinning wheel. I cannot reproduce this issue with Google Chrome on my Mac with CafeTran 2017 Harbinger version. 

I don't see this happening all the time. It happens eventually and a computer reset fixes the issue. I have no idea about the reasons of this happening, does it happen after a certain amount of time? Is it a consequence of a specific manipulation? No idea.

However the issue appeared with Sierra.

Hi Igor,
With Harbinger RC, here is what happens if I launch a Projet target search with numbers (a date):
  1. The Export Window opens.
  2. The second stats bar goes to 100% (but goes back to normal when I reopen a segment).



Same here. Searching for a number did bring up the export box in the previous versions as well. 

Could this be because CT thinks you're looking for a segment number that's way higher than the number of segments in the project?  On the other hand, I tried with Harbinger under El Capi, no problems... That is, CT didn't find the segment number because it's not there, but it also didn't show me the Export window.


Woorden, you seem to be right. I tried with a small number and CT jumped to the corresponding segment. and didn't show the Export window.


Alain: Woorden, you seem to be right

Get used to it.

On the other hand, it seems to be a bug: If you enter a number in the search field, and hit Return, CT should look for a segment number. If you enter a number in the search field, and hit Project Source, CT should look for that number in the source text, not for the segment number.


In the search Window, check if Search numbers is ticked.

If it ticked, then entering a number in the Quick Search (or normal search) will initiate a search for the segment number.

If it unticked, CafeTran searches for the requested number inside the segments (project source, target or memory source or target, depending on the search).


idimitriadis: check if Search numbers is ticked

I think you should write the KB entry on Search, Find/Replace, and Filter in both the Quick Search bar and in Edit.

I'm serious, this is a problem for many people, including me.


*in the Search window, check if "Search numbers" is ticked. = Sorry I meant "Segment numbers" !

I agree a good KB article including/explaining all possibilities would be great.

I can maybe try :-)

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