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Filter out repeated segments for count


again I have a new question. A customer asked me to translate a huge project with about 500 pages. In one of the files there are many repeated segments. I set the filter to see repeated and propagated segments. The filter also shows mit dozens of segments with only one numer, such as "1", "2". There are so many that they distort the count. I would like to make a distionction between segments with only words/letter and segments with numers or words with number. Basically I only need the segments with repeated words/sentences.

If this does not work I thought about exporting all the "repeated and propagated segments" to Word. There I could delete all of the numers and count only the letter to come up with a quote including matches.

I already tried to copy and paste the segments to word, but there are 12.804 of them. So a was wondering whether there is a shortcut?

Again, thank you for your help - also for answering my last question. I know understood how to start projects.

Kind regards and have a nice evening


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Nicolette: Basically I only need the segments with repeated words/sentences.

I think the following should work:

  • Open (a copy of) the one file in CT
  • In the Menu, select Filter | Segments with Letters
  • In the Menu, select Project | Statistics | Current Document Statistics
That should show you how many repeated segments there are. I wouldn't concentrate on repeated words for an evaluation.


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