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Is CafeTran suitable for teamwork?

Hi All, 

We are about to acquire a CAT Tool in our language department. CafeTran seems to be a great program for our purposes. But how apt is it for working on shared documents and TMs etc? 

Thanks a lot for your help,

Best regards,


Igor, have you ever considered the database Caché by InterSystems? Lightning fast, fully embedded and compatible with Java. You can create Java classes etc. right in Caché. 

Hi Paul,

The major resource sharing option is Total Recall system based on the database. By default, CafeTran is set to work with SQLite database tuned for freelance translators. However, there exits an option to switch to the MySQL database which is great for a Translation Memory server accessible to the translators. Please see the details on how to set up Total Recall with MySQL database here.

Another method of sharing resources is by running CafeTran in the server mode. Then, each CafeTran's translator can connect to another CafeTran's translator accessing each other translation memories in real time.

1. On the sharing computer, activate CafeTran in the server mode: Edit > Preferences > Memory server > Rendezdevous server port option.

2. On the client computer, access the sharing computer via the menu Memory > Connect to memory server...  providing the sharing computer's IP number in the Host field.



Hi Joachim,

Currently, CafeTran supports two popular databases - the default SQLite and MySQL. Manual searches in both databases are fast and after the contextual retrieval of the segments, CafeTran performs database independent search and matching. So the implementation of the faster databases might possibly only improve segments' storage and retrieval time but not the automatic search and matching time as the program depends on the database search functions only to some extent. The database interface is flexible and, in the future, the support for the other databases may be added. The choice is usually done based on the database popularity, Java connectivity and the users' requests. Thanks for the info about Cache, it looks interesting indeed.

Hi Igor,

I was thinking about the integration with Java mostly. I worked for InterSystems 2004 or 2005. I remember all these Java developers and how excited they were about the integration and the small footprint of Caché. The catch is, it will make CafeTran more expensive as Caché is not available for free. But, it might well be that the advantages justify this, something only you can judge. 

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