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Statistics for filtered segments


I've just come across a small problem with statistics for filtered segments.

When I filter on unchecked segments (by choosing "Filter -- Unchecked segments) and then choose "File - Statistics - Current document statistics", the statistics shown are actually for the whole project, not the current document (in other words, they are the same as the project statistics), although the correct name of the current document is shown on top of the statistics table.

I haven't checked if a similar problem occurs when I choose other filters.

Hope the problem can be solved soon.



Martin: I haven't checked if a similar problem occurs when I choose other filters.

I tried a few, and the problem seems to be solved if you click Filter in the Overview Panel. A good thing Cafetran is as intuitive as an iPhone...


What's the Overview panel?


The part of the UI left of the SL and TL, sometimes wrongly called the "Grid". No idea what's it called in today's Igor Speak.


As far as I know, it's still called the Grid.

I've tried right-clicking on the Grid, but no context menu appears.

Do you mean the "Filter" button that appears on top of search results shown in the Grid? I can try that, but I don't think it'll be of much use in my case (not searching anything but filtering the current document on unchecked segments).



Hi Martin,

Currently, when the filter is set, CafeTran performs the Statistics on the filtered segment regardless of which Statistics option (Project or Document) you choose. I agree it is confusing and it should always show the current Document statistics when this menu option is selected. To be improved in the next update.

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