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Display of Creation ID/date of read-only memory entries

Hi, everyone!

I'm having a problem with the display of the creation ID and creation date in memory matches.

On the memory tab of a read/write memory, when you mouse over the number of any of the TM matches, a pop-up window with the source and target segment, the previous and following segments and the creation ID and creation date (at the bottom of the window) appears. For memories that are opened as read-only memories, the creation ID and date are not shown. However, I would like to see this info because it's quite important in my current project (I'm using a read-only memory that contains translations by several different translators). A work-around is to open that memory as a read/write memory each time I open the project and then choose "Options" and set it as read-only. Then, the creation IDs and dates of the entries are still shown. But of course, it would be much convenient to always see the creation IDs and dates in read-only memories (or at least to have an option to show them or not). Is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Martin,

Deselecting "Segments memory" type in your regular (no read-only) TM options will make it display the attributes without adding any new segments. The read-only TMs are meant to reduce the loaded data to the minimum.


That did the trick! Everything works fine.
The amount of loaded data isn't such a big problem in my current project because the reference memory is not that big.

Thanks a lot for your advice!
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