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Trados TM trouble

I have been sent a Trados TM today, and obviously there is a problem.


Even without speaking German or French, you will see that the segments do not match. The right column should be one up.

In Studio 2015, the TM behaves without any problem, and I cannot remember the same problem with other Studio TMs.

Any hint?

Can it be that this TM has been created with Studio 2017, which allows merging of paragraphs?

I remember that I've once (hans) seen this misalignment. Did you let CafeTran open the TM directly from the package? If so, please unzip and open directly.

I am pretty sure this is not from 2017, and indeed Studio 2015 opens it without any issues. It was a single TM opened directly with "Open memory ...".

I came across this issue with SDLTM files once before. After inspecting the file, a few segments were corrupted and CafeTran misaligned the rest of the segments from the corruption point. I suspect the corruption may take place when importing the segments created still in some old version of Trados database.

Just received a request for a quote with an attached SDLPPX and opened it quickly. Yup, the TM is misaligned by CafeTran:


Yep. Old stuff indeed. Hence the misalignment?


Yes, that is what I suspect. The TM was probably converted from an old and abandoned (I think) app called Workbench. As I mentioned it in the other thread, the misalignment starts where there is a corrupted translation unit.  

For those who don't have access to Studio: would it be possible to skip such a corrupted TU and keep the rest of the TM aligned?

Maybe, but it is not a top priority at the moment. First, mastering neural networks... 

Good luck :)

Hm, I would not see any priority to fix this, but on the other hand side it is a serious bug for all those who do not have Studio (or those who do not check or those who get a TM with very similar TUs – a rare case indeed...).

CT is one of the few tools that can open a SDL TM directly (besides a SQLite editor, and pls correct me if I am wrong). Any quick workaround (with TMX Editor or similar) to quickly correct this misalignment? I have a Studio license, but it would be nice not to be forced to start the VM to open Studio. Luxury problems, indeed ...

My "neural networks" point is a kind of showing jokingly that it is probably better to focus on the current and future technology than put a lot of programming effort to fix the things of the past - and not even broken by CafeTran itself. I used to spend a lot of time on supporting the outdated TTX format and is anyone using it now? The approach of abandoning old technology bravely and quickly moving forward is probably embraced by you - Mac users :) Just see what Apple is doing both with its hardware and software and with what pace. This gives time and room for innovation, isn't it?

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Regarding the TTX you're probably right. Didn't see such an animal in the last 20 months. Big provider of such animals has switched to XML which is offered for translation as SDLXLIFF now.

Would a voting system facilitate finding what CafeTran users need most, regarding new features?

Nothing wrong with evaluating the need for new features, as long as you're courageous enough to not implement them when there's no need ;).

>that it is probably better to focus on the current and future technology than put a lot of programming effort to fix the things of the past - and not even broken by CafeTran itself.

Sure, but for us users it's difficult to say whether such fixes require a lot of effort or merely 30 minutes of coding. We can't do more then friendly requesting. It's up to you to honour the request or friendly turn them down, as you do now [thumb up icon].

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