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REQ: DragonDictate support (and DNS support)

Back in February 2014 I asked about some issues with Dragon Dictate. Igor told me then to deactivate Auto-Assembly. I don't do the trick (and it doesn't today).

There is a workaround with the Express Editor (EE) of Dragon (better than the normal dictation window):

  • it can be opened/started by AppleScript
  • the confirmation of a segment and the opening of EE can be started with one keystroke (with the help of Keyboard Maestro or similar programs)
  • Express Editor is linked with the Mac spellcheck

But there are some negative points:

  • no advantages of the CT interface (auto-assembly, but also the click to transfer from the segments grid, e.g. for names or dresses)
  • for me this was and is always an argument against deactivating auto-assembly with DragonDictate anyway, as my hands support my voice and typing with auto-assembly is much more comfortable (in German we have long words...)
  • EE is always in the foreground when activated, e.g. if after confirming a segment and starting EE the next segment is auto-propagated (being a fuzzy), I need to close down the EE window (click or keystroke with AppleScript). Else I cannot even confirm the segment in CT, some other functions are also blocked (due to EE)
  • there must be the right focus on both windows. In 90 % of cases this works, but having done something else in the mean time (browser, mail) might lead to the situation, that you transfer your dictated text and it gets lost
If I understand correctly what Michael says, it is a question of the text editor beyond CT to get better Dragon support. This is not a simple task, but is there any hope that this might get implemented?

Well, I haven´t found any specific information to make Java text boxes work with Dragon´s full text control directly, which Michael mentioned in another thread. This link might be helpful:

They show some workarounds which I guess also concern Mac's version. However, they do not give any specific tips for Java developers to enable full text control in Java apps. 

Found this on Nuance's website:

I would recommend to seek direct contact with Nuance, as this is quite an important feature and may need some coordination/inside information or maybe (probably) even development from the voice recognition software manufacturer as well to better support Java apps.

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Guys, there's a new kid in town:

Nuance Support has a quite bad reputation. I will ask Michael if he remembers what he had found out.

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