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Automatic case adjustment of the target segment fails a bit

This is a nice feature (since Update 25), but it fails when a segment is started with a tag.

Translator bla bla bla -> Übersetzer

 1Translator2 bla bla bla -> übersetzer

Anybody else can reproduce this?

I didn't reproduce it, but I can understand that tags (that actually are written as something like <x1/> ) interfere with this feature.

I found this oddity when trying to insert a leading space:




That's just been improved to work with the initial tag as well - update 26 build 2016112202.


You also fixed the oddity I reported?

Probably yes. it must have been some side-effect I had failed to notice. Thanks!

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These smart aids in the project segment editor are really great. It's clear that here (and elsewhere) CafeTran leaves the competition behind.

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