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Monthly update Slate Desktop for Mac

Hi Tom,

I was wondering whether you could give your monthly update on Jeroen's hard labour?



Hi guys,

I expected development would mainly entail integrating the binaries into our framework because the primary Moses researcher does all his work on OS X, and the binaries we need are readily available for fee download.

I'm shocked at the latest information from Jeroen. He has spent all this time creating his own whiz-bang OS X build environment. It sounded good at first, but after 6+ months without delivery, we're still left without reliable binaries and only minimal testing within our environment. You're left waiting in the dark.

More frustrating still, Jeroen refuses to estimate when he will complete the project and has not communicated with our customer community as he promised. I'm sorry that I trusted him and let this to go so long.

I'm sad to announce that I have cancelled the OS X project for Slate Desktop v1.0. Jeroen is no longer working on Slate Desktop. We are looking for new coders who can pick up with what we have.

If you have further questions (as I expect you might), please contact me directly via

Will very little cheer

Sorry to read this, Tom. I was really looking forward to test your software on my iMac. I'll contact you privately.

Hans Lenting

Hi Tom,

I've sent you a private message regarding a refund. Did you receive it?

Kind regards,

Hans Lenting

Hi Hans. Yes, I received it. I just replied. I don't like my new habit of tardy replies. We'll spend the weekend putting everything back on track.

Sorry for the inconveniences,


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