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... was right all the time: CT will be offered by ProZ. Not sure if I like that. I only go to ProZ to promote OS X and CT. And to help out. Without a manual, helping out may become a full-time job.


Exactly my thoughts, a complete help file is essential now with 1000 or more CafeTran users. And Igor is the only one who can write it. But on the other hand, more CafeTran users will be there to answer questions.


If the next thing is Igor Kmitowski = Site Staff at ProZ, I'm out. It happened to TM Town's Kevin, and I really can't blame him, but there's no need for His Igorness to follow those footsteps.


Why not? Henry is a good, smart guy. His contributions to the translation industry are both positive and negative but this is business. I will not be surprised, and even be happy to see Igor on board.

Selçuk: Why not?

ProZ is a money machine. That's fine with me, but I'm not going to help ProZ for free.


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