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QA Options / Translation-Frangments consistency

Hi! For my job it's very important to keep consistency between translation and fragments but when I run the QA check, and I get those inconsistencies, I just see in which segments they are, but It'd be great if we could get a side by side view where the inconsistencies differs (I don't know if you get me...). I mean, right now we just see one segment per error, i.e., we know that segment is inconsistent but we cannot know what would be all the segments with the same source/fragmen source so that we could pick the best choice.

Another thing, when we have number inconsistencies, it'd be amazing if we get underlined the "wrong" numbers in target segments too.

Still, grammar check is kind of a must :(.

And finnally, different color coding per type of error for better identification (specially when we need to send a QA report to clients).

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