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Hello Everybody

Couple days ago I uploaded a xlsx doc to Cafetran, the document contained two columns with long texts, and five columns with numbers: the first one was a sequence from 1-54 and only one column has a formula. After the translation all the sequence is change with random numbers even greater than 54, and the other columns were also filled with different numbers. I had to waste so much time going row by row organizing all the numbers and making sure it match with the corresponding text. 

I am pretty new in Cafetran and this problem might seem easy to solve but I have not clue, If someone can give me an advise I would really appreciate it. 

Thank you very much,

 Caterine A

Is it the formula that is the culprit? Never translated (afaik) a spreadsheet with a formula in it. Best advise I can give: send your file to Igor, for examination: AT

Thank you for your advise, I ll write to Igor. 

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