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CafeTran's British English not always British English

Hi Igor,

Is it just me or are other CafeTran users finding that British English spellings (such as colour) come up as the American spelling (color)?

It's a fairly minor point but adds time to the final spell check correcting them. 

And where's the best place to report consistent language issues in CafeTran?

Thanks, Kate

Hi H,

I don't have any dictionaries installed - is Hunspell something you would recommend?

Hi Kate,

If you mean specifically for the spellchecker, CT uses an external spellchecker; either Libre/OpenOffice (in theory at least, but I don't think it works in practice) or Hunspell. (See the 'General' tab in the Preferences/Options window.) As I recall (perhaps it's changed) none is installed 'out of the box'. You need to install the GB Hunspell spellchecker.

You can find instructions for installing and setting up the Hunspell spellchecker here:
If you're still having trouble after following those instructions, you may find the following discussion helpful:

The one place where CT consistently uses US spellings (apart from the menu which doesn't matter) is in the MyMermoy machine translation suggestions. Perhaps there's a setting can be changed there. I may look into this at some point - will post here if I find anything out.


Dear Jeremy,

Yes that's very helpful advice, thank you!

I am using the MyMemory translation suggestions so that must be it. Rather new to all this.

Have installed a dictionary following the instructions so will see if that helps next week.

Kind Regards, 


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