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Microsoft announced changes in Bing translator

A new registration is required. Will this affect the use of Bing Translator in CT? Greetings from Albufeira, Hans

No one who received the Microsoft announcement?

Yes, I too have received a few communications from Microsoft regarding a change in their services.

I think the new platform is called Cognitive Services, with a Translator API available.

Now, when I connect to my account in the DataMarket, and go to

I get this notification:



The Microsoft Translator API Text Translation and Speech Translation offers will be listed in the Cognitive Services section of the Azure portal.

IMPORTANT: If you subscribe on DataMarket today, you will need to make changes to your code when you move to the Azure portal. More information about the move to the Azure portal is here.

New subscribers to the Azure portal can sign-up for an Azure account at and receive a $200 credit to spend on Azure services for 30 days. This includes the Microsoft Translator API!


Information regarding the move:

Microsoft Translator is moving to Azure

Here is the new Translator API (still 2 million characters free limit per month):

As this is after October 26 (see above), one apparently seems to subscribe again using his account [Get started for free yellow button], which for me meant verifying my identity (I had to confirm email, phone, and  payment method, while it is explicitly stated that you are not billed after the "free trial", unless you specifically choose a pay as you go option).

I'll have to explore the interface after this move, as I didn't yet find where to check for the new API keys, if applicable.

OK, once in the Dashboard of you select the + sign and search for "Cognitive Services APIs". Select that and click Create.

Enter the relevant details (among which you need to choose Translator Text API as the API type, and select the Free 2M characters subscription) and create (deploy) the resource group...

Once you select the Cognitive Services APIs account, you get access to the Keys as well.

It seems those services are still under Preview, though, but the keys will be ready for when the previous API end of life is reached (31 December) and (I guess) as developers include support for this new API, since some code changes seem to be called for.

I was lost in the Azure website, clicked here and there and several other places and finally managed to get 2 keys.But to my surprise CafeTran and all CAT tools are still using the old Client ID & Client Secret.

Thanks, idimitriadis, for your extensive report! Really appreciated. Let's see what MS brings, I really got fond of this Bing Translator. Who'd have guessed that.

From the Okapi group:

Breaking Change in the Microsoft Translation Hub connector: Authentication changes. The connector has been updated to support Azure-based Microsoft Translator subscriptions, and the old (DataMarket) method of authentication has been removed. The clientId and clientSecret parameters have been removed and replaced with a single parameter called azureKey. If you have an existing Microsoft Translator subscription, you must migrate it to Azure by April 30, 2017. For information on how to do this, see this Microsoft support article.

Question to Igor: When will CafeTran switch to the new Azure key instead of the two old keys?

Although it looked like I didn't succeed to register for the new Microsoft Translator on Azure yesterday, today it's listed in my new Azure account. Anyway, I have two keys now. It won't be as simple as pasting these two keys in these fields?


Hello Hans,

When will CafeTran switch to the new Azure key instead of the two old keys?

I don't know yet. Some day by spring, I will brew a strong coffee and find out more about that key switch.

During today's run I received a phone call from Ireland, a Microsoft account manager wanted to know how big my company was, if we already have an MS account manager and for what I'll be using the Azure account.

They probably have nothing better to do there :).

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