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Work lost

Yesterday at the end of my workday I closed my Mac who said it couldn't close because CT was open, then after a few seconds, CT closed by itself saying that the project hadn't been saved and the Mac closed down, too. This morning, on opening CT, I realize that all of my work I did yesterday was lost, the memory does not contain the results of my efforts (although the time of last saving says 07.13 pm when I stopped working), progress says 17% instead of 51% when I quit. What did happen? Any chance to recover my work?

Wolfgang: Any chance to recover my work?

Time Machine?


Well, when worse comes to worst...
No backup...


What I can't understand is that during the afternoon I imported the TMX into both MemoQ and Studio, so at least a part of my work should be save there, but no, the memories there stop exactly at the same segment as in CT.

Hi Wolfgang,

Did you change any autosave settings in Edit > Preferences > Workflow tab?

Please find this project folder and see if there exist any 'tmp' files there. CafeTran creates a backup of your project file and tm when the operating system does not allow to save it properly for some reason.

Hi Igor
no, I did not change autosave settings recently, but I can see it is set to 100 which may be a bit too much. I vaguely remember that time ago I set it to such a high value because of the saving cutting in with a huge TMX freezing the system every so often.
So what are the default values for Autosave project, memory and glossary?
No tmp files anywhere to see.


So what are the default values for Autosave project, memory and glossary?

Autosave project (segments) = 3 

Autosave memory (segments) = 5

Autosave glossary (entries) = 3

You can leave the 100 values, but then just click the "Save project" floppy disc icon before you close the laptop, for example. 

Also, CafeTran saves the project files at exit but it needs to exit cleanly.

...and cleanly it did not exit yesterday at EOB.
I almost reached the point where my work got lost so I'm probably not going to spend my weekend over last generation integrated CAD solutions ... ;-)
Thanks Igor.
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