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Arrangement of non-translatables

I would like non-translatables  to be arranged in the order of appearance in F 4 window (according to the source segment), irrespective of whether they are numbers, proper names or white spaces. It's great to open F 4 window and confirm with Enter key, without actually having to look at the window.



I agree, though I assume that this requires a similarity of syntax of your SL and TL.

I'd also prefer that the longest forms of the non-translatables always get priority. So if any reduction of the non-translatable is performed (even if I currently cannot see the use for that), then these reduced forms should be placed at the bottom of the stack.

But hey, F4 is a great time saver!

I just noticed that out of the box, CafeTran doesn't recognise combinations of numbers and letters as non-translatables. Of course I'm aware that I can define a regular expression for that. However, shouldn't CafeTran interpret these letter-number-combos as non-translatables right away?


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