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CT and Verifika


I'm working on set of docx documents which I would like to QA with Verifika.

The Bilingual_.xlf.docx file exported from CT is not well accepted by Verifika.

How can I export a bilingual file from CT that Verifika would QA?



Well, I just found out it can be done by saving file to TMX and have the TMX QAed by Verifika. But what is the best way to import the revised TMX file into the CT file?


If you only wish to compare the revised TMX memory with the target segments of the project, just open this TM and go from segment to segment.

However, I guess you would like to do everything in one go. That's tricky because of the possible tags position change in the revised TM. You should definitely test the below procedure on a short project first to check if it works for you.

1. Open that revised TMX in your project.

2. Remove all target segments from the project via the Task > Remove target segments menu.

3. Select the revised TMX tab and choose Translate > Insert all exact matches.

Finally perform QA > Tags check and Empty segments check before the export.

>I'm working on set of docx documents which I would like to QA with Verifika.

If you don't mind me asking: which QA categories specifically do you use in Verfika, hat CafeTran misses?

And also, did you see this solution? Last message in the thread provides a useful script.

Hi Hans
it's not so much a question of missing categories as of clarity.
Verifika is definitely more "readable" than CT's QA.
Strictly my personal opinion, of course.


Yes Wolfgang, I see what you mean. For me the need to use another tool (and one on another platform too) is keeping me from becoming a fan ;). Oh, and the quite high annual cost.

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I can understand your point of view which I share to a certain point. Give me a good QA tool and I'd be glad to abandon (well, almost) the windows platform. ;-)


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