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REQ: Refresh after closing the Term editor

This one is long overdue: an automatic refresh (reloading) of the glossary after having made any change to a term in the Term editor dialogue box:


Reason: If you don't reload the glossary, the edited term won't be recognised.

It is recognized in the subsequent searches without any reloading.

Sorry to say I also have been experiencing the same issue. Don't know why.
Not always, but sometimes


Not always:

As I reported several months ago, when a "sub-term" is added, the original one (that is not the sub-term) is not recognized instantly. I haven't checked yet if this issue has been solved.

A few days ago, I found:

1. Some new terms are recognized immediately, but others are not.
2. Those new terms which were recognized immediately upon addition are sometimes not recognized in subsequent segments.
3. The same issue occurs when existing terms are modified.


I've been looking into this issue to find the root cause, but I've been unable just because this issue occurs seemingly at random and I can't figure out any single pattern from my experiences.

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